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I hope you listened and Liked The Music I posted here from my new CD  Trick Bag And the other singles from My past recordings.

Ill Talk To You All Really Soon



 Guitar Works 1991 My First solo CD or EP  !! I was on the now Defunked Playhard Label out of NH!! No longer available .

Apocalypses released 1999 my last record with Play Hard  No longer Available 




Crunch  Released in 2001 No Longer Available.  


A-440 Originally Released 2003  but it took me 2 years to record and was well worth it!! It has been Re- Released   with The New Cover Shown as well as 2 Bonus Tracks. . available at www.reverbnation.com/allandavey 



 The T5 Sessions (Shown With The NewCover)   Released In  2005  I had many demos that I had recorded over the course of 10 years and wanted to put them all on a CD before I lost them So Thats why this CD was released the last 5 tracks were the only new ones on it. T5 Sessions with New Cover has been  Re-Released . available at www.reverbnation.com/allandavey 


Chapter 10 released 2006 this by far is my favorite ones to date because I got to use my studio (T5) which i no longer have.. then mix it in a great place with Justin..It was a fun cd to record.  !available at www.reverbnation.com/allandavey 




GREED!! In Stores Now!!  On T5 Records....and is  and is available her too. as wel as  Here Is  the track MOJO MAN available at www.reverbnation.com/allandavey 

http://www.allandavey.net/MOJO MAN.mp3    


 HERE IS THE FIRST SINGLE HEAVEN OF HELL Available at www.reverbnation.com/allandavey 

http://www.allandavey.net/HEAVEN OR HELL.mp3

 Released in Jan 2011 this tune is called In my Life This CD is Aavailable here as well as available at www.reverbnation.com/allandavey 

http://www.allandavey.net/IN MY LIFE.mp3

 Released Dec 1st 2011!! It Covers 20 years of my solo career....available at www.reverbnation.com/allandavey 



 Released April 15th 2016 Here is The First Single Another Taken available at www.reverbnation.com/allandavey 

http://www.allandavey.net/GUITAROLOGY ANOTHER TAKEN ALLAN DAVEY.mp3

Ambient A Journey Into Limbo will be  Available on www.reverbnation.com/allandavey on Dec 6th 2018

 When  The Gods Forsake 

Side Projects

available at www.reverbnation.com/allandavey 

 OUT NOW !!!!!Here is Judgment Day Part 1 https://webzoom.freewebs.com/allandavey/COST OF DEATH JUDGMENT DAY PART 2 COST OF DEATH.mp3

   Released Sept 2010 Lane Adams and I  decided to put out a CD or tunes we had written that just did not work for my solo work or Razors Edge so we recorded Gridlock !!  Out Now !!

 Released  August 2010  Finally you can Get all The Tunes we recorded in the 80's on CD seeings that they were only available on cassete back in the day.. when we got back together in 2008 we decided it was time we put something out for all our peeps who still loved us! OUT OF PRINT !! we Ran out of funds and patience !!! 

Released June 10th 2008 Now Out Of Print!!

Released Oct 10th 2008!!! Now Out Of Print!!

 A Night At Muldoons

This was shot at the Last show at Muldoons with Mojo Bag. we split up 2 days Later!!! There are many Bootlegs of this show as well as a few Other shows around the Florida Area!!!




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Hey All
As you all know I have Been very Busy Finding and negotiating with Even More Distributers and Its Finally Paying Off
Heres wher you can go!!!!
Another great Place to Buy my music..
Now All  of my solo Cds are up and running at www.reverbnation.com/allandavey  .
I hope all of you will go there as well as send your friends please also send them  here at www.allandavey.net as well as  and my fan page at www.myspace.com/allan_davey

you cand find me and my music at the following links Below!!!

1)  www.allandavey.net (my website and web store as well as all links about me)

 2)  www.reverbnation.com/allandavey My reverbpage!!)

3) http://www.facebook.com/groups/116586348367372/  ( My face Book Music Page)

4) www.facebook.com/allanldavey ( my facebook page)

5) www.bandmix.com/allan-davey

6) www.myspace.com/allan_davey ( the Fan Page ran By Nillan in Finland)

7)  www.newusb.co.uk/artists/profile/index.php?profile_id=Allan%20Davey a page in the U.K1!!!

8) www.jambonie.com

10) http://keepitmetalpromotions.com/allan-davey.php 

Goto the Discograghy page here to hear some of my music as well as visit the web store here too..
Alot is going on right now and i am tring to keep you all in the loops as best as i can
Thank you akl for understanding!!

As Of today December 2nd 2015 The Last.fm Page is NOW Closed !!

Now All  of my solo Cds are up and running at    www.reverbnation.com/allandavey  and I hope to be able to sell them there soon and of course here at www.allandavey.net as well as my fan page at www.myspace.com/allan_davey  and  I am looking into CD baby as a possible Distribution Outlet as well as ITunes too''''
Alot is going on right now and i am trying  to keep you all in the loops as best as i can  I have Closed my last .fm page for many reasons ..
Thank you all for understanding!!